Nothing that can't be solved with a little bug spray

When you believe in independent publishing as a political act, you might end up questioning why you're putting out that odd, non-genre 5200-word short story for submissions. Especially to pubs with loooonnnnngggg response times. Especially when you have all the knowhow to publish a valid and properly formatted ebook. Especially when you think the story really is actually pretty fun. Especially when you have the fabulous Katherine M. Lawrence  editing.

So you decide to throw it out there, and there it is.  And if nobody reads it, nothing lost since nobody already was reading it. Or wasn't reading it. (I know what you mean.)

  “Mabel and the Yellow Jackets,” by Laura Lis Scott.

 “Mabel and the Yellow Jackets,” by Laura Lis Scott.

It's on Kindle Unlimited right now, so if you subscribe, it's free. After the 90 days' exclusive, we'll take it to iBooks, Nook, and Smashwords.

I'm still sending out the science fiction and fantasy stories. Those are long shots, but I respect those publications and the people who give their hearts to them. So for now, that's all wrote about writing and such.