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Cold Blood: Yamabuki vs. the Sword Master book trailer


Cold Blood: Yamabuki vs. the Sword Master, by Katherine M. Lawrence, kicks off an epic historical fantasy series about a woman samurai who lived in 12th century Japan.

Credits: Video, book design, and music by me, Laura Lis Scott.

Tools: I did the kinetic typography in After Effects, the music in Logic Pro, and pulled it all together in Premiere Pro. The book designs I created using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, working off of ancient Japanese woodblock prints. You can learn more about my book editing and design work at Book Love Space.


Sword of the Taka Samurai book series promo


A trailer for the book series

This short video presents the scale, setting, and a bit of the feel for the epic historical fantasy series written by Katherine M. Lawrence, published by Toot Sweet Ink. The books explore the life of Yamabuki, a young woman, the only daughter of a warlord, set in 12th-century Heian Japan. Alone on musha shugy, veiled in the guise of an ordinary warrior, not even revealing that she is female, she travels not as a princess but with the common people, only to find that many are not who they seem. Some want her dead. Others want her because she's a woman. Blood will be spilled before it is over.

Credits: Book covers, video animation and editing, and music soundtrack by me, Laura Lis Scott.

Tools used: After Effects, Premiere Pro, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Logic Pro X.


Book Love Space promo for book editing and book design services


This is a promo I did for my book design and editing services.

Credits: Video and music by me, Laura Lis Scott.

Tools: After Effects, Premiere Pro, Logic Pro X. I created the logo in Illustrator.