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Rare Pattern
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Laura Scott.

Laura Scott.

Author, editor, designer, geek.

I’m a designer, tech geek, fiction editor, and author. I’ve also waited tables, delivered campus mail, driven a truck (more like a van), wordprocessed business and legal documents, produced videos and B-movie trailers, directed television, co-founded a few companies, served on non-profit boards, and raced cars (on actual racetracks because street racing is dumb). The University of Chicago gave me a Bachelor's in English; from Columbia University I received a Master of Fine Arts.

I’ve called Chicago and Los Angeles home, but New York City still holds my heart. I’m now in Colorado, where the sun always shines, even on the cloudy days.

I too am a rare
Pattern. As I wander down
The garden paths.
from Patterns, by Amy Lowell


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