OSCMS connectivity tip (for Mac)

After fighting to get back online after persistent connectivity problems, I've stumbled across the dummy solution: Network Diagnostics. Apparently that resets the connection more completely than simply trying to renew the lease within the Network settings. (One easy way to get it is to use Safari to call up a page. I know I know....)

Of course, if you're reading this, then you're online and not having any problems. Maybe you can pass this along to anybody finding themselves suddenly locked out.

(I'm sure there are more geeky ways to reset connections using *nix. Alas that's beyond me.)

More on the Project Management hunt

Since I wrote about it a few days ago, I've been spending what is starting to feel like way too much time searching for, researching, downloading and evaluating project management applications for OSX. One thing I find rather surprising is the virtual dearth of project management applications that can actually manage more than one project at a time.

FastTrack Schedule seems to have this capability, but only in a sort of one-way summary mode. You cannot change anything on the multiple project view that will carry back into the individual projects.

Meanwhile their GUI is a little stiff. I find myself repeatedly clicking on things, expecting to be able to edit or manipulate them, only to find out I can't. I realize this is a learning curve issue, and since FastTrack Schedule is up to version 9, I'm sure they are quite clear in their own minds as to appropriate work flows we're supposed to be using, but still I'm left a bit frustrated.

Mighty Mouse gets a Bluetooth

This is great news:

DailyTech and Engadget are showing off pictures from an FCC filing by Apple Computer of the new Mighty Mouse. It looks a lot like the old Mighty Mouse, minus the wire. It is being reported that the mouse will use two standard AA batteries and will be compatible with Tiger. However, the current Mighty Mouse works with Jaguar, albeit with reduced functionality, so it's likely that the Bluetooth model will do the same. In case you don't remember, the original Mighty Mouse had a few drawbacks, two of them being the cord and no Bluetooth, so that's two down.

More on Sony DRM and infected music CDs

Following up on what I just posted, it seems that Sony BMG is now being sued for damage their secret RootKit software has done to PCs:

Sony's now infamous decision to use system destabilizing DRM malware in order to "fight piracy" (despite it being shockingly easy to defeat) has earned Sony a lawsuit or three. A new class action suit has been filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, another is expected in New York this week, and there have been a handful of rumblings in other countries, as well.



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