Why I'm voting for whom I'm voting for in the Drupal Association election

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For those who don't know: I served on the DA Board in 2010-2011, and was on the Governance Committee that developed the new structures. Before that I was in the General Assembly. I'm currently on the Advisory Board.

But I share my opinions here as a long-time member of the Drupal community who cares about the future of Drupal.

Criteria: more than good intentions

Last year, the Nominating Committee (on which I served) considered many aspects when evaluating potential candidates for the Drupal Association Board, including (in no particular order):

What is DrupalCon to you?


Yesterday, we had a Drupal Association Board Meeting to discuss upcoming DrupalCons. The meeting ran very long as we discussed and debated what criteria we should consider in selecting cities for DrupalCons in 2012, 2013 and beyond. Passions ran hot at times as we hashed out our thoughts on our evolving process for making these decisions.

  • What is the purpose of DrupalCon?
  • What components make for a great DrupalCon?
  • What factors play into selecting a city for throwing a majorly successful DrupalCon?

In the end, I feel that we made a lot of progress in this meeting. This post is not a debrief of this meeting, though, but rather is a collection of some of my own thoughts about DrupalCon, shared as a member of the Drupal community.

Growing presents challenges

As Drupal continues to grow so quickly, the Drupal Association has been working hard to adapt. The community is many times larger than when I joined it over 6 years ago, even since when the Drupal Association launched in 2006.

My DrupalCon San Fransciso session: Grok Drupal (7) Theming

The Way Drupal Theming Was

When I started Drupal theming in 2004, it was all a bit overwhelming. Back then, the core theme engine was something called Xtemplate, and it gave the impression to the n00b themer of being a great big mess. When you looked at the page template, it was one big blob of markup and logic, and it was very hard to figure out to change just about anything. What's more, it seemed to be very brittle: change something and you got the white screen of death.

And thus life was for the themer through Drupal 4.5 and the beginnings of 4.6.

New Drupal Theming Power

Then, in 2005, came the PHPTemplate theme engine, thanks to Adrian Rossouw (now with Development Seed), and the heavens opened up.

12 ways how not to "do" a conference

Having just returned from DrupalCon Paris 2009 with mixed feelings as to how I forged my own experience there, I thought I'd put down some thoughts on conference attendance and participation — what (not) to do.

When your hotel is in Cambridge

math forumulae

...you might expect to see in the hotel a bedspread like this. Kate told me immediately that she could define each one. Of course I felt like a mental mouse.

So here's a challenge: What do these formulae mean? (And John and Rad, you can answer only one -- give everyone else a chance!)

Quite an auspicious way to kick off a week of Drupal, I'd say.

Get yer yayas out! DrupalCon propsals deadline approaches

Drupal developers, designers, administrators and users, the time is now to submit your session proposals for DrupalCon Boston 2008.

There also are some discounted hotel rooms available, but the pricing is available only until February 18th.

Are you going to Boston? If you're not sure, consider this: You will be with nearly 1000 Drupal aficionados, including many luminaries in our Drupal community. If you have any interest and even just a smidge of passion for Drupal, and if prior DrupalCons are any indication, you will come away with a real buzz, with new knowledge about all sorts of things Drupal, with new business and social contacts, and perhaps a few new lifelong friends. For me, it's fun matching Drupal handles and faces, and wonderful to hear the voices behind what for most of us are just typed words in IRC, emails and forums.

¡Bon dia des Barcelona! (Things I would have Twittered if I had had the time.)

Sunday night, 8:35pm
foundnd passport that has been missing for several months.

Sunday night, 8:35:05pm
realized that I can now go to DrupalCon Barcelona 2007.

Sunday night, 8:36pm
opened up Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity to look up airfares....

Sunday night, 8:42pm
agonizing over how much they've gone up.

Sunday night, 11:38pm
bought round-trip plane ticket.

Sunday night, 11:47pm
realized that I am indeed going to Barcelona. The usual pre-travel anxiety is setting in. Ack!

Monday, 10:57am
trying to do all the things that I would have taken a week to do, had I had a week before leaving.

Monday, 5:00pm
managed to cover the entire todo list. now going for essential manicure/pedicure.

Monday, 5:05pm
Reveling in the foot bath and massage.

Monday, 6:12pm
got home and had a glass of wine.

Monday, 7:23pm
started packing.

Tuesday, 12:35am
stopped packing. (Not finished, but somewhat close. I'm terrible at packing.)

Tuesday, 4:45am
got up and showered


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