Mahlerficent occasion

MahlerFest 2014 orchestra


Last night, on impulse from a friend’s suggestion, I had the immense pleasure of attending the main concert for this year’s MalherFest. Historically I haven’t been the biggest Mahler aficionado, but last night did about all that’s possible to make me a convert.

The orchestra itself, comprised of mostly local musicians with a few flying in from around the country, was quite wonderful.

When I lived in Chicago, I went several times to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. When I lived in New York, I heard the NY Philharmonic and many other concerts at Carnegie Hall. (Shura Cherkassky’s birthday concert stands out as an especially fun experience.) When I lived in LA, I went several times a year to the LA Philharmonic.

And yet since I moved to Colorado, I’ve heard precious little live classical music. And yet it’s obviously all around us. I’m really going to have to get out more.

Any advice on recumbent bicycles, and where to buy one in the Boulder area?

So I'm thinking about getting a recumbent bicycle for sports touring and some commuting to the office. My regular mountain bike is just a bit hard on my back and wrists, so part of my motivation is looking for comfort. But I also want something that I can use for longer rides. And, of course, this being Boulder, I don't want a tank -- I'll be climbing hills and riding some dirt and gravel trails.

Any buying advice?

Any suggestions where I can go in the Boulder area to test-ride some of them, maybe buy one?

It snowed in Boulder before it stopped

We were supposed to get a few inches of snow today. We got alerts yesterday. We got alerts last night. We got more alerts this morning. It did in fact start snowing around 8 or 9, but none of it stuck, and now it's a sunny, if rather cold, day, with the fall colors complementing the greenery rather than set off against white blankets. Beautiful nonetheless.

Congratulations to Lijit!

Kudos to Boulder start-up Lijit for winning in the Internet category for showing innovation and creativity in the Boulder Valley.

And they were up against some well-known competition: Me.dium and Collective Intellect.

If you don't know what Lijit is about, scroll down and look at the sidebar here. It's the green search thingie. Don't be fooled! It's not just any search thingie!

Steak and a movie in Boulder

The Railyard

Until today, The Railyard has been one of the great secrets of Boulder. Simply put: They have the best steaks in Boulder. Forget the way overrated Boulder Chophouse -- that place may have been good once, but now it's just a fancy joint serving sub-par Sizzler-caliber steaks -- The Railyard is the place to go.

The Railyard

My only real quibble is that they have these blue-daylight-colored energy-efficient bulbs lighting their dining area. Warmer colors would definitely improve the atmosphere.

Otherwise, their staff is very friendly -- and it's clear that they are proud of the food they serve, for good reason!

The reason The Railyard not a great secret any more is that it is located in the 29th Street Mall, right next to the the new Century Theatres complex, which opens today. These pics are from Wednesday.

Century Theatres in Boulder

Nice design, I think.

Century Theatres in Boulder

It's been a long long time coming, a modern movie theatre in Boulder. I'm looking forward to checking out movies there.

Century Theatres in Boulder

So in Boulder now, steak and a movie, that's the way!

Kasa: the best sushi in Boulder

People in Boulder are fairly blessed by a number of sushi bars, all of which are at least on the high side of good ... which is surprising, considering that we're more than a thousand miles from the nearest ocean port. I've tried them all. (Yes, I'm something of a sushi fiend!)

Kasa, the best sushi in BoulderKasa, one of the newest additions, started off by positioning themselves as a Japanese grill, but quickly realized that Boulderites have a definite yen for sushi. Their sushi was good, often very good.

Then they hired the (apparently) renowned sushi chef Kitazaki Kuichi, and wow!

Now the sushi is simply sensational!

And I say this knowing how good sushi can be in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York.

Now I fully admit that I may be subject to a bit of a local bias. After all, the place is just two blocks from my office, and it has not yet been discovered by the popular mob that swarms a couple of the other establishments in town.

But you really should try it out.


Kasa interior

Just another gorgeous day in Boulder

On days like this, it's hard to stay inside, working.

Pearl Street Malltulipsflower

-15 degrees in Boulder this morning

If the groundhog lived here, he would have seen his shadow, because the sun is shining -- but it's just too damned cold and he probably would have rather stayed indoors.

Happy Groundhog Day!


The Flatirons.

Those sheer faces are angled towards the south, making them more prominent. As the sun moves across the sky, those faces change color and texture. Every day they're beautiful, but today they seem to stand out all the more.

A snowy lot

Who'da thunk a parking lot could look so gorgeous?



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