HP Velotechnik Street Machine Gte to complement the Rans Stratus XP

Recumbent bicycle

I now own two recumbent bicycles: a HP Velotechnik Street Machine Gte, which is short, and a Rans Stratus XP, which is quite long indeed.

Front view of Street MachineI got the Street Machine last weekend, purchased at my "local" recumbent bicycle shop that's 50 or so miles away in Fort Collins: Spring Creek Recumbents.

While recumbent bicycles are not exactly unknown or unseen in the bicycling mecca of Boulder, there isn't a single bike shop that sells recumbents. I don't know why.

In fact, Spring Creek seems to be the only serious recumbent bike shop anywhere in Colorado. I'm just glad they're in relatively easy driving range.

Rode my Rans

Rans recumbent bicycle

My Rans Stratus XP recumbent bicycle on the bike rack on my carLabor Day weekend was simply gorgeous in Boulder. Lots of sun, not too hot, blue skies. It was a perfect weekend for getting to know my new Rans Stratus XP.

Earlier in the week, I picked up a Thule rack and a RockyMounts R4 rack that could handle the 65" wheelbase of my Rans.

The bike fit perfectly. I took off the seat for the drive from Ft. Collins to avoid catching a bunch of bugs in the mesh.


All I had to do was put on the front wheel and the seat. Within a few minutes, I had it all together.

There was a bit of trickiness when it came to the wireless odometer computer. I just couldn't get it to pair up! Turns out, I had failed to properly reset the thing. It works fine now.

Bought a recumbent bicycle today

Rans Stratus XP
Today, finally, after saving many nickels and dimes, I bought a Rans Stratus XP. I don't actually have it in hand as it is being configured with a rack, fenders, a small mirror and some different tires. I'll pick it up next Saturday, assuming I can get a roof rack for my car and an appropriately long bike rack for the roof by then.

Any advice on recumbent bicycles, and where to buy one in the Boulder area?

So I'm thinking about getting a recumbent bicycle for sports touring and some commuting to the office. My regular mountain bike is just a bit hard on my back and wrists, so part of my motivation is looking for comfort. But I also want something that I can use for longer rides. And, of course, this being Boulder, I don't want a tank -- I'll be climbing hills and riding some dirt and gravel trails.

Any buying advice?

Any suggestions where I can go in the Boulder area to test-ride some of them, maybe buy one?


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