Friday cat blogging

Since everyone's been doing it since like forever, I thought I'd join in, because my little guy is just so adorable!


Awwww... how cute! And I love the white patch on his belly. He reminds me of mine. I have an all-black female and a male orange tabby who is completely neurotic - and they fight over sunbeams. She always wins the sunbeam battles, but he usually nudges her out of the food dish so it's only fair. (Don't worry - she doesn't starve!)

Very cute kitties you have! I had a gray tabby who, at half the size, was still the dominant of the pair. Unfortunately she was perhaps a little too confident of her prowess as she disappeared one night a few years ago. My suspicions lie with a gang of raccoons that had the black guy cornered a few days later before I shooed them away. It's just the two of us now. We watch out for each other, and I let him have the sunbeams.


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