Firefox 2.0 not the website breaker like IE7 [updated]

[Update: I removed the direct link to the ftp site because, as small as rare pattern is, every little bit counts, and I don't want to hurt Mozilla.]

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As I write this, it's still not "officially" released yet, but I've just installed Firefox 2.0 after downloading it from the Mozilla FTP site (Mac versions here), and I'm loving it. I've not yet explored the preferences and all that, but so far nearly all of my extensions still work, including the web developer tools, Performancing and weather.

And so far no websites are breaking. Aren't web standards wonderful? I'm good to go. I can keep working (or writing this blog post), and not have to fret about mysterious problems.

Too bad the same cannot be said for users of Internet Explorer 7, which, with its new Microsoft-only quirks, is creating all sorts of new headaches for website owners and challenges for web developers. Some websites won't work at all in IE7.

Why Microsoft has such issues with worldwide web standards, I don't know. At least we have Firefox. Maybe, with these simultaneous releases of new browsers, more people will get fed up with IE and try Firefox. After all, if a browser is breaking websites, why use it?


More on why I removed the link.

Yeah, IE7 was always going to be a bit painful as it was intended as a halfway house that fixes a lot of it's underlying design while they squeeze in as many rendering fixes as they could. IE8 is intended to be the version that mostly finishes off updating the rendering engine to current standards. Hopefully either IE8 comes out soon and quickly displaces other IE versions or the better browers take over (I won't hold my breath for either options though hehe).

BTW, the main reason that Firefox 2.0 doesn't break any websites is less about web standards and more to do with it still effectively using the same version of the Gecko rendering engine as Firefox 1.5.

I think Firefox 1.5 used Gecko 1.8.0 and Firefox 2.0 uses Gecko 1.8.1. The only updates to Gecko 1.8 have been security or reliability type bug fixes. The intention was even to preserve existing rendering bugs.

Gecko 1.8 branch info.

Firefox 3.0 / Gecko 1.9 sound exciting though :)
Gecko 1.9 Roadmap


Good Gecko point! Another reason why Mozilla wins when it comes to serving the market rather than demanding that the market serve the company, which is what it seems Microsoft is doing.


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