Laura Scott (designer, Drupal developer, social media explorer, tech geek, writer)

I do design, information architecture, online strategy, Drupal consulting, video, and writing.

For work, I am co-founder of Pingv, providing strategic development, user experience design, and expert Drupal architecture/development services for medium-to-enterprise scale online projects. Yes, I'm a huge fan and advocate of Drupal. I believe open source software has the potential of changing the world for the better. (It's already doing so.) I should probably write some kind of manifesto, because I could ramble on for paragraphs here.

For play, I'm a student of this amazing new universe we're making. I also enjoy cooking, movies (well, some of them), music … and a bit of auto racing.

As for my writing, when it comes to fiction I blog about that elsewhere.

Laura Scott

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