Disclosure Statement (v1.0)

Following the example of people I admire, I offer this disclosure statement regarding my blogging on rare pattern:

I don't blog for a living. This blog is a reflection of my thoughts on all kinds of topics, from business to culture to personal. No one pays me to write this blog or to say particular things in it. I don't shill for anyone. My policy is to never promote a position that I have been paid to advise about, consult upon, or write about. If there is an exception, I disclose that fact.

How I make money

I am the founding CEO of PINGV, where we offer services in online strategy, interaction design, and application development, with our main experience in Drupal. I have been doing Drupal consulting since 2005.

Aside from passive stock investments in public companies, I am not an investor in any business except my own. If I do end up investing in a venture and write about it here, I disclose that fact.

Business Affiliations


Though I do not have any "clients" directly, PINGV has clients, associates, contractors, and partners with whom I have regular contact. When I write about these business-related people and organizations, I disclose the fact. (None of them has ever asked me to mention them, btw. Usually any writing I do about them will be in the context of the PINGV blog.)

The open source world

The open source world is a space full of opportunity, self-actualization, collaboration, and economic activity, which makes it complicated to compartmentalize things. As I often write about open source projects, and things related to Drupal in particular, I may be writing about people who are at once friends, colleagues, research associates, community collaborators, and competitors to my business. This makes it hard to draw clear lines between my opinions and my self interest when it comes to blogging. Here are some ground rules and assumptions:

  • I endeavor to be clear if what I'm writing about has a direct or indirect impact on my economic interests.
  • As a former Board member and current Advisory Board member of the Drupal Association, I have an obvious interest in and responsibility to supporting the DA's mission. These are unpaid positions. For what it's worth, I feel any Drupal community evangelizing I may do here in my blog comes from the same enthusiasm for Drupal that led me to volunteer for the Drupal Association in the first place.
  • Notwithstanding the above, my blogging here is always intended to be neutral and objective about Drupal. To date I have considered Drupal to be a fabulous tool for building web applications, but I have also taken issue with different aspects. I don't simply back Drupal no matter what. That said, I do derive an indirect economic benefit from Drupal's success. I don't know how to separate that.


Any reviews I write here are of my own initiative. I pay for my own products, or use them in the course of my work; I do not receive free products in exchange for reviews. If there are exceptions, I disclose them.

Bottom Line

These are my guiding principles for my blogging here. I don't pretend that these principles are perfect. I offer them here simply to put my blogging in context, for anyone who actually cares enough to read this. I always welcome feedback.

Posted 24 June 2012


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